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  • Are they made of glass?
    This is everyone's first question, and we're proud to answer, No they aren't glass.  They are acrylic or more specifically ABS, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. This material is unique in 3D printing because it can be acetone vapor smoothed. Our smoothing process yields a beautiful high gloss finish and strengthens the final product exponentially. Don't worry, all the acetone evaporates and any residue is easily rinsed off with water.

  • Is it breakable?
    The short answer is, not easily, but don't go throwing it at a wall.  That said, I have knocked them of counters and only suffered minor scratches from impact. So compared to glass, they are nearly unbreakable.

  • What is ABS, is that safe?
    It's the same type of plastic that your old LEGOs are made out of it's BPA free and safe as long as you don't step on it bare foot. 
    Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene is a common thermoplastic polymer. Its glass transition temperature is approximately 220 °F.  Thanks to the non-conductive properties of modern glass bowls, nothing hot ever touches the pipe making it totally safe to smoke through. 

  • Is ABS toxic?
    ABS is relatively harmless in that it doesn't have any known carcinogens, it is BPA free and there are no known adverse health effects related to exposure to ABS. That said, ABS is typically not suitable for medical implants.

  • How do I clean it?
    Because our designs are totally enclosed, similar to glass dab rigs, you can't access the inner chamber.  We recommend rinsing out after each use and storing dry or if it's your daily toker, rinse aggressively at least every other day and DO NOT pull your ash through.  Use a screen or pull the bowl and dump the ash out to keep your bubbler clog free. 

  • Should I use alcohol or other bong cleaners?
    No Alcohol or other solvents. Instead, use equal parts white vinegar to water. Fill it, let sit 1-2 hours, rinse vigorously hot and cold water, with a lot of shaking and running water through.
    The key is not pulling your ash through and rinsing out frequently. 

  • How much water do I put in?
    All the designs are a little different but most hold about a shot glass. It's important to not over fill, SO try it out and get it right before firing.

  • Where do I put the water?
    Pour the water into the top hole where the bowl slides in before putting in the bowl.

  • How long should my bowls stem be?
    All our pipes are designed to allow any length down stem on your bowl of choice. So you will never get a dry hitting situation if your stem isn't long enough. This feature gives our customers the ultimate freedom to try the millions of different glass bowls available in standard 14mm diameter, and take their experience to mythic highs.

  • Can I leave it in a hot car?
    Long exposure to high temperature is not reccomended but probably not a big deal as long as it isn't exposed to direct sunlight for several hours. For instance, do not leave it in a sunny south facing window for very long or it could warp if it get's too hot.

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